Our team

The most brilliant, creative, and uniquely weird minds all over the world.

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Lucy :: Owner

Silvia Prietov :: General Director, Producer, CEO

Karina Forero :: Producer

Maria Paula Vivas :: Direction Assistant and Graphic Designer

Maciel Correa :: Administrator assistant

William Cifuentes :: Director, Lead Animator, Storyboard Artist

Jorge Pico :: Lead Animator

Esteban Jaime :: Lead Animator, Storyboard Artist

Laura Pineda :: Animator

Eduardo Jimenez :: Animator, Storyboard Artist

Felipe Rodríguez :: Designer, Art Director

Omar Penagos :: Designer, Art Director

Cristina Achaui :: Designer, Art Director

David Hernández :: Designer, Art Director

Sophia Prieto :: Color Script, Background Artist

Jefersson Vargas :: Compositing Supervisor

Jorge Moyano :: Animator and Compositing Supervisor

Camilo Herrera :: Clean Up Artist

Jonathan Muñoz :: Clean Up Artist

Andrés Sierra :: Vicepresidente Junior